Looking for a Manufacturer’s Representative?

If you’re an industrial manufacturer who wants to sell more product without hiring more people, you should consider outsourcing part or all of your sales function to an industrial manufacturer’s representative (IMR) like Western Link Sales.

An IMR (also known as a manufacturer’s sales representative or a manufacturer’s agent) is an independent individual or company that acts as a sales representative on behalf of a manufacturer. Our primary role is to promote and sell your products and services to distributors and end users within a territory or market segment.

You provide great products and we can provide you and your clients with better sales, customer service, support and a strategic shipping location in California – all at an extremely reasonable price.

Is an IMR right for you? Watch our video to learn more:

Benefits of Partnering with an Industrial Manufacturer’s Representative


  • Efficiently identify and target leads who are primed and ready to make a purchase.
  • Rapidly expand into new regions and markets, gaining a competitive edge.
  • Seamlessly explore niche markets with minimal risk or upfront costs.
  • Tap into a seasoned team of B2B sales experts for immediate support and guidance.
  • Initiate conversations that swiftly translate into new business opportunities.


  • Generate a higher volume of compelling proposals to win more business opportunities.
  • Increase conversion rates by effectively turning quotes into purchase orders.
  • Expand your customer base into new industries, opening up fresh avenues for growth.
  • Boost cross-selling and up-selling efforts, achieving greater success and frequency.
  • Secure immediate access to lucrative large accounts, unlocking valuable business prospects.


  • Mitigate the substantial risks associated with direct employment.
  • Streamline your operations by eliminating the complexities of hiring and retaining a sales staff.
  • Eliminate recruitment fees, salary expenses, benefits, and infrastructure costs.
  • Pay based on performance, focusing on results rather than overhead expenses.
  • Reduce your overall cost of sale, optimizing your financial efficiency.

Is Western Link Sales the Right IMR for You?

Over the decades, we’ve discovered that we’re a good fit for a particular type of manufacturer. But if you check most of the boxes below, we may be a perfect fit to work together:

  • Your product is industrial in nature: fasteners, cutting tools, MRO supplies, safety equipment, CNC machinery accessories
  • You have at least some current presence in the U.S. marketplace
  • Your annual revenue in the category is between $1M and $100M
  • You sell into any of these industries:

Durable manufacturing production
Civilian aircraft equipment production (aerospace)
Industrial machinery production
Electrical equipment production
Farm machinery shipments (agriculture)
North American light vehicle production (automotive)

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